JL8210 – Standing ATM

JL8220 – Crossing Wall ATM

Product Function

Basic Functions for Banks
Cash withdrawal, cash deposit, tracking, changing passwords, Cash transfer, etc.

Serial Number recognition
Serial captured, managed, real time tracing during transaction

Optional Functions
Payment commited, IC card transaction, multimedia advertisement, airtime (voucher) prepaid


  • Major Control Unit

CPU: Core Dual
RAM: DDR3 2 GB (extendable)
HDD: 500 GB (extendable)

  • Receipt Printer

Thermal Printer, Graphic printing available
Printing Width: 80 mm
Diameter of paper: 180 mm

  • Journal Printer

Pin Printer
Printing Width: 76 mm
Diameter of paper: 180 mm

  • E-Statement

Big memory disk for recording information of statement

  • Dimensions

JL8210: 1000 x 480 x 550 mm (L x W x H)
JL8220: 1325 x 490 x 1820 mm (L x W x H)

  • Bank Card Reader

Electric Reader
EMV level 1 – PBOC 2.0 standard compliant

  • Working Circumstances

Operation temperature: 0 – 40° C
Relative humidity: 20% – 90% non condensed


  • Code Keypad

Support DES and 3DES encoded
Water proof, dust proof, anti explosion, metallic keypad with beep mention

  • Currency Dispenser

4 recycling cassettes and 1 recycled cassette
Speed: 8 pieces/second
Cassette Capacity: 3000 pieces of new notes per cassette

  • Continual SMPS

Optional UPS power supply

  • Screen

15″ LCD touch screen
Resolution: 1024 x 786
Counter-peeking screen available and visible in sunlight

  • Communication Protocol

TCP/IP communication protocol supported
Wireless port optional

  • Application Protocol

IOS8583 and NDC+/DDC standard
EMV level 1 – PBOC 2.0 standards compliant

  • Safe

UL291 Standard Compliant

  • NET Weight

JL8210: 550Kg
JL8220: 680Kg