Standing on top by itself, the JL-112 strapping machine, provides the user with versatility, automation and efficiency. Manual or automatic strapping is possible at the flip of a switch. The standard tape arch and the adjustable settings of tape tension and bundling heat make the unit ideal for strapping banknote bundles to parcels, from loose items to sensitive products. The all metal construction and high quality rollers and tape advancing sprockets guarantee a trouble free operation for a very long time.

Two models are available; the free standing model, accepting a tape roll of 660m, and the tabletop model, with a tape roll of 220m.

Both models incorporate the instant heating technology that ensure zero waiting time, high efficiency and is energy saving, as the consumption at 100 Watts during strapping, drops to less that 10 Watts in stand-by mode. The operator simply selects the tension of the strap, the length of the strapping and the bundling temperature. The micro processor controller takes care of the rest. An LCD display shows any problem or malfunction with an easy to remember error code.

The user has the ability to use the machine in full automatic, or semi automatic mode. The big tape arch and this manual/auto functions, facilitate the strapping of other items except for the normal pack of 1000 notes, either along, or across. When a cross strap is desirable, the fully adjustable plates make this easier.


Tape Width Power Supply
12 mm 220V AC 20%, 50/60Hz. Other voltages available
Length of Bonding Power dissipation (strapping)
Adjustable, 10 levels 100 Watt
Bonding Temperature Operating Temperature range
Adjustable, 2o levels 10 to 40°C
Strapping Tension Dimensions
Adjustable, 100 levels 580 mm x 370 mm x 425 mm (WxDxH)
Strapping Speed Weight
20 seconds for a full double cross strap 22 KG (tabletop) – 27Kg (free standing)
Strapping Overlapping
3.5 seconds per strap