Advanced currency sorter and Value Counter

The JL-303 operates at up to 1000 notes per minute with three supervisor settings. The speed is independent of the mode of operation. The operators interface features a functional keypad with navigation keys, automatic start and stop functions, user adjustable presets for sorting criteria, batch stops, and totals accumulation (end of batch job, and end of day) of all notes counted. A graphic LCD display shows the results of a process and also the status of the unit.

Mode of Operation

The advanced configuration and design of the JL-303 enables the operator of the machine in three different configurable mode of operation at the press of a key

  • Normal and Value Counter: The unit simply counts the total of the acceptable notes processed and displays their value and/or total piece count. In this way, the unit can be used as a dispensing value counter with the third pocket accepting the rogue denominators or normal rejects.
  • Denomination Sorter: The machine separates the notes according to their value, face and orientation.
  • Condition Sorter: The condition sorting mode enables the unit to perform functions and fulfill requirements usually feasible by sorting machines. Sorting preset levels increases the performance and the security, while maintaining the efficiency and ease of use

Enhancing Efficiency

The JL-303 successfully fills the gap for a reliable, fast and accurate condition sorter used at the branch level. The JL-303 has two individual pockets plus the reject pocket improves the efficiency of the operation and minimizes the workload. The authenticity detector’s suite reads accurately most of today’s sophisticated security features that the modern banknotes incorporate. It does not only detect the presence or the absence of a feature, it also measures the actual value of it, comparing it to the stored currency data and ensuring precise recognition of the fitness level. All of this comes at a very small footprint, elevated speed and throughput and affordable price. Users can benefit from these advantages, and install the JL-303 in almost every branch.


Input Hopper 500 Notes
Output Stacker 2 200 notes max, default 100 notes
Value Counting Recognition of the note from the pattern and size
Batch Size Presets 10, 25, 50, 100 selectable 1-100
Condition Sorting Soil, tape, corner folds, missing corners, holes, tears, missing parts, half, double, chain, multiple notes
Note Size From 120×53 (min) to 200×87 (max)
Weight 28 Kg
Dimensions 330 x 460 x 410 (WxHxD)
Output Stacker 1 250 Notes max, default 100 notes
Speed 1000 notes/minute
Operators Interface Fully functional keyboard with navigation keys
Display LCD graphics mode display
Authenticity Pattern detector, IR and visual, magnetic properties detector. Various other customized detectors can be installed, depending on the notes processed
Power Supply 207-253V AC, 50Hz, Consumption 50 Watts


The JL-303 uses a suite of state of the art detectors. Each individual detector gathers data from both sides. An ingeniously designed and advanced sensor provides a multiple of different images that gather information from both sides of the notes. The JL-303 is the only unit of its size that is equipped with a full width tape detector that guarantees the detection of any kind of tape or thickness variation of the notes processed. The detector suite is in compliance with the requirement of central European Bank for the detection of authenticity and fitness sorting (ECB framework) in every aspect.

A Fitness Sorter

The JL-303 is a fitter machine designed specifically to perform demanding tasks of seeking the fit notes and to separate them in a precise and accurate manner. It can be used at the front desk as a reliable and valuable helping hand to the cashier, at the back office to perform the end of day tasks, or used by the chief teller to assist in perfect book keeping, always in accordance and compliance with the ECB Framework for the recycled noted.
This ingeniously developed muli pocket counter/sorter combines a normal currency counter with an efficient and accurate currency sorter in one unit. It can be used as a currency counter to simplify count banknotes, or in demanding applications such as ATM loading.
Note that are processed end up in one of two fully configurable pockets, depending on their value, condition, face, orientation and authenticity. A third pocket enhances the efficiency of the unit accepting notes that fail detection.
The advanced microprocessor controller manages the days workload by tracking the operators, keeping an audit trail of all operations, and providing cash management. The operator simply selects the function and the machine loads the pre-configured parameters according to the ECB framework standards.
Modifications are possible, but are under supervisor’s control and guarded with password. To enhance security, an audit trail of changes is included and deviations from standard procedures and parameters are flagged.