JL 305 Currency Sorter



  • High level of security
  • Easy to operate
  • Blacklist comparison
  • 900 notes a minute
  • 6 different models available


A Unique Solution

The unique features of Julong’s Advanced Currency Sorter JL305 allow it to spearhead the competition in terms of efficiency. The concept of “virtual pockets” doubles the capacity and will greatly increase your productivity.

Virtual Pockets

The JL305 is equipped with an ingenious mechanism allowing it to pass banknotes from full pockets to a depository, thus freeing up the pocket for the micro processor to continue processing more notes. Physically the JL305 is, in its basic configuration, equipped with four output-pockets and one reject-pocket. Thanks to the “virtual pockets” the machine is able to effectively double this number. The virtual pockets allow the machine to be continuously fed with banknotes, thus maximizing efficiency. The JL305 is superior to other machines, especially in those cases where notes are sorted according to multiple parameters. The JL305’s entire transportation route is straight and flat. This greatly reduces the risk of jamming and banknote overlay. In the unlikely case of a jam the machine’s entire top cover can be removed, presenting the whole transportation route and allowing to clear any jams effortlessly.


The JL-305 provides two pockets per sorting category (plus virtual pockets) enabling a continuous non-stop feeding, maximizing efficiency. Output pockets can be assigned to any category or parameter. the user interface is user friendly incorporating a touch screen with navigation keys making the JL-305 easy to operate.

User Interface

The JL-305 operates up to 800 notes per minute, independently of the mode of operation. The operators interface features a touch screen with navigation keys, automatic stop start function, user adjustable presets for sorting criteria, batch stops and totals accumulation (end of batch, end of job, and end of day) of all notes counted. The flat VGA shows not only the results of a process, but also the status of the unit.


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