Security Robot

Meet the new MUTUAL Security Robot. With state-of-the-art robotic technology, our intelligent robotic system is deployed as an integral component of existing video surveillance security solutions.


Mutual Security Robot provides a powerful events-reporting tool to detect specific human activities or objects and alerts security guards or management to take immediate action

  • Recognizes predefined suspicious activities/objects, i.e. fighting, loitering, knives
  • Drastically reduce false alarms (i.e. animals, light changing) with enhanced deep learning algorithms
  • Security guards can ride the robot (20 km/h) to arrive quickly on scene


Automatically detects parking violations and suspicious human activity, preventing dangerous situations from occurring or escalating

  • No-Parking Zones may be drawn into camera views and create alerts
  • We capture clear car images and plate numbers when a vehicle has stopped in these areas
  • Notifies security staff immediately when intruders or break-ins are detected


Adds artificial intelligence to your buildings, campuses or communities, to prevent criminal activities and speed responses to medical emergencies

  • Recognize suspicious activities, deter vandalism and prevent crimes
  • Seamlessly integrate our intelligent mobile robots & drones with existing surveillance systems
  • When events do occur, significantly shorten the response time


The powerful A.I. algorithm can detect intruders in secured zones by excluding non-human events such as lights changing or leaves shaking, perfect for monitoring industrial complexes

  • Send timely warnings and accurate notification of unwanted visitors in restricted areas
  • Our intelligent robot can act as an effective patrol security solution, helping with repeated and sometimes dangerous work with lower costs


The home security monitoring solution allows 24/7 indoor/outdoor remote monitoring from your Smartphone

  • By detecting only human activity, we significantly reduce false alarms from pets or changing light patterns
  • We can also program pre-defined activities, such as people falling down as medical emergency alerts


24-Hour Patrol

Full Coverage Service with Human and General Object Recognition


Activity Recognition

Recognize Suspicious Events that Users Care About

Alert and Action

Real-time Alert with Video Evidence and React accordingly

Simple Control

Operate Your Robot on Mobile Devices from Anywhere

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